Friday, September 14, 2012

Need help finding Balloons over Paris fabric...

You can't keep a good woman down!  A bout of gastro (sorry to even mention that!) has laid me low for a couple of days but I'm letting my fingers do the talking.  I need to canvas the huge network of sewers, fabricaholics, e-bayers and buyers with my current problem.

I made a gorgeous bag in Balloons over Paris fabric, made by a Japanese firm Kokka.  Everyone loves it but the fabric isn't available in the red colourway any more.  I can't figure out if it's discontinued or just sold out due to popular demand. And yes, I've emailed Kokka and asked them why is this so, but can't seem to get an answer out of them and I have scoured e-Bay to no avail.  I've left no stone unturned so am getting a bit desperate.   Why, oh why didn't I buy more than a metre of it from Ballarat Patchwork when I had the chance (she moans) .  Since I have the only bag made from the rare red colourway from the Flash Harry workshop (aka my spare room) I am hoping that someone out there has a metre or two (or three or four) tucked away in their fabric stash, shop etc. that I could get my hands on.                                       

  Please contact me if you have this fabric by making a comment to this post in the space below - thanks.