Monday, January 30, 2012

Baby Glam Bag

My new bag...made for a friend having her first baby.  It's big enough to hold most baby needs and the handle is long enough to wear across the body, oh and it's is fully washable. 


Outside pocket view

Inside pocket view

Button closure detail
My friend loves her new bag, in a few weeks she takes delivery of her first baby - how exciting !

Monday, January 23, 2012

Summer of Love Tote Bag

Yes, it's new!  I worked on a new design all weekend and am very satisfied with the results.  An elongated bag with plenty of room.  It has 2 outside pockets and structured sides to give added strength and stability.  My daughter has given it the thumbs up so it has come out to critical acclaim!
I call it Summer of Love because it reminds me of the 60s.

And now to the assembly line and features:

Construction of the 2 pockets

Pockets on..making the straps

Straps and pockets attached

Sides - construction
Side View
I intend to make this up in some other gorgeous fabrics - I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pandora's (sewing) box

Isn't this divine?  My son Andrew scoured the vintage shops to come up with this beauty, a really thoughtful Christmas present for a sewer, I might add.  Here it is all closed up but with a promise of things to come, a Pandora's box if you will, only with beautiful things inside.

It looks definitely art deco, I'd say, and sooooo practical with it's clever design and easy-to-get-to compartments.  It is perfect for all my sewing threads and now they are mostly colour coordinated (did I hear the word "obsessive"?)  I will try and keep them that way, at least for a while.
Here it is in all its glory..
Opened up half way
Fully opened up - lots of room!

Oh, and here it is as a prop for my first new purse for 2012, a little make up bag using oilcloth fabric from Amy Butler.  Hope you like..

  I love Christmas presents!  Thanks Andy

Monday, January 2, 2012

It's a scorcher in Victoria today...

Would you believe it's forty (yes 40c) degrees in the shade in Melbourne today and the Ballarat temperature is climbing rapidly also.  Most people are sensible enough to stay indoors, except 2 of my children who will be sweating it out at the Falls Festival at Lorne (the Great Ocean Road on the coast for non-Aussies) on their last day of seven days working there.  Remember the sunscreen as you pack up your tents please Lyle and Jacquie.

And a big hi and Happy New Year to all.  It's been ages since I posted and I so apologise for that.  It's been a hectic year and I'm afraid I poured all my energies over the latter half of 2011 into devising a Christmas blog, and also sewing and preparing stock for a) the shop and b) the Ballarat Main Road market stall.  But I'm pleased with my efforts this year and now that I have had a lovely break of 10 or more days over Christmas, I can feel my enthusiasm coming back for creating new bags. 

It all goes on in my head of course and I'm thankful that I've inherited my father's brain in that I can work things out in my mind quite logically before it translates onto paper.  Unfortunately I didn't inherit the bit that is good at maths, although just good enough for all things bag-gy and creative.

So watch this space as I will be posting more bags soon...  Take care over the holidays