Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015 - Home town; new house; new creativity

Hi all, Thanks for sticking with me over the huge break while I moved house. I have made the move back from country Victoria to Melbourne, my home town.  I'm loving decorating my new house and am in the process of setting up a dedicated sewing/craft room (luxury!) Thanks to IKEA for solving my shelving and storage needs. The room is still a work in progress;  I continue to investigate storage for the myriad of ingredients needed to feed my creative urge. Now I have somewhere for my growing collection of how-to books.

Thanks to the man of the house and his trusty drill & hammer. Oh how I love an empty shelf!



All done!

I've also gone a bit crazy with the Dymo labeller but, hey, that's what we Virgos are good at - organisation!  Now I can find everything with a glance in my pull-out drawers from Masters Home Improvements.

I even stuffed all my wool into the bottom 2 drawers
I'm branching out into homewares. Let's face it, if you can sew a complicated bag, making placemats is a walk in the park!  So my next episode will be how to sew double-sided placements, instructions included.

Watch this space.