Saturday, September 21, 2013

Spring has Sprung...

Spring has sprung
The grass is ris
I wonder where the birdies is?...

(either Anonymous or Spike Milligan, I can't remember which)

Feeling all suitably Spring-y, I picked these from my garden today. This turned into a game of bee-dodging lest I be stung.  I've discovered bees are extremely territorial when it comes to lavender!

You'll be glad to hear I'm back from the job seeking wilderness.  After months of putting myself and my resume out there I am now working in the health sector. There were bonuses to waiting in the wings.  A few months at home gave me lots of time to sew and a new Baby Glam bag was born, just prior to my niece giving birth to her first baby, the cute-as-a-button and adorable Lily Mae. I pulled out all the stops and made a baby bag, matching purse and matching nappy change mat, no less. I'm really pleased the way they all turned out.

Kris & Nic just before the happy event - at the baby shower
I took some pics during the process. I added 2 front pockets to the outside, a large one on the inside and a handy inside ring to hang the purse or keys from.

The finishing top-stitching
Decisions decisions, which button to choose?


The extra long handle fits perfectly over stroller handles. 

And on a final note, happy Spring (in Oz) and happy birthday to all fellow Virgoans out there.