About Me

Hi, I'm a Melbourne girl and I have been sewing for as long as I can remember.  My mum is a great sewer and made many of my clothes; she also taught me to knit and sew, both on her old Singer machine and manually, i.e. how to embroider, how to mend things, how to sew a straight seam (very important) and how to darn socks. I'm happy to say this last lesson never appealed to me, but I soaked in everything else.  I first made clothes for my barbie doll because mum wouldn't hear of us buying clothes for her.  They were very basic but my love of sewing was born!  When I was a teenager and had scant cash, I sewed the latest fashions and saved heaps of money.  When my 3 children were born, they reaped the benefits of my love for sewing.  

But you can guess that my passion is making and designing bags and I have been doing that pretty consistently for 4 years now and I love it.  When I am making up a bag my mind is ticking forward and working out the next bag and I'm always dreaming of new designs.  Oh and did I mention fabrics?  I'm a fabricaholic if there is such a thing.  Wherever I go I'm drawn to new and beautiful fabrics, whether they be new, vintage or second-hand. 

Lately I've been turning my hand to reupholstering, making cushions, place mats and Christmas wreaths. Basically if I think I can make it, I give it a go.

The fantasy me
The real me!