Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Oh for a studio of my own..

...just pining for my own space, with a room for everything and everything in its place! 
My fantasy work space would have:
  1. Shiny racks for hanging all my materials in colour-coordinated splendour (currently threatening to burst out of their plastic box-on-wheels under the trestle table)
  2. A large corkboard combination whiteboard where I could try out colours of fabric swatches against zips, braids and ric rac (momentarily all shoved into various sized shoe boxes on an overhead shelf).
  3. Storage for voluminous metres of snowy interfacings and pellon (stuffed into the spare room wardrobe)
  4. A designer chair for sewing that doesn't make a "clunk" sound whenever I madly careen around the room (think pinball machine) from sewing machine to trestle, to ironing board and back again (do I sound mad yet?)
  5. Storage for all my finished bags and hats, and then some
  6. Buttons in colour-coordinated containers at the ready (hang on, I already have those, I am a Virgo after all)
  7. An iPod dock for music while I work
  8. While we're at it, an Espresso machine (we are talking fantasy here)
  9. A computer desk for composing my blog and downloading photos of my creations.
  10. There's probably more I can dream up, I'll keep you posted.

What would your dream space be?  For reading, writing, drawing, dreaming, creating or sewing?
I'd like to hear from you, please reply.

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