Monday, November 7, 2011

Steiner School Spring Fair, Castlemaine

...Gathering (our shop in Newstead) had a stall on Saturday 5 Nov just outside Castlemaine, and some of my bags were featured.
some pics here. 

Me working hard - flogging stuff!

One of the hard workers at Gathering

A closeup of my bags, both large and small

It was a very hot day which was great as it brought the people out.  I was really impressed at how well the Fair was organised.  These things take a lot of effort and they managed to pull all the elements together to make a really balanced day, both for kids and adults.

I think I'll take a small break from sewing like a madwoman, given the downhill run to Christmas.

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Miss Prudence said...

Yes Stiener has a reputation for amazing fairs, your goodies look wonderful!