Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sewing madly...

....and passionately.  That's what I love about sewing, the creativeness of it. You can make something absolutely and totally unique. Whether you're making clothes, hats or handbags.  You can use your wildest imagination to put certain colours and patterns together that no-one else would think of.   

I have been busy with 2 projects.  One is my ongoing passion for little bags, probably because I love sewing in miniature - yes call me mad, but I like the fiddly bits.  I just love the colour combination of these two sugarloaf pouches, hope you agree.  

My other project is these lovely clutch bags. I have added one or two interior pockets and one of my detachable handles because even though clutch bags are lovely, there are times when you need to sling them over your shoulder.

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