Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ooh La La! New Bag

Fresh off the sewing machine is my new bag, Women of Paris, named after the fabric itself. This is a version of the Baby Glam Bag but smaller and more hand-bag-y.  I've added a generous pocket at each side which gives a nice structure to the bag, a further inside pocket and a crocodile clip inside for those pesky keys you can never find.  

Side pocket

Inside crocodile clip

Button detail

The unique button for the closure is a one-off I obtained at the Buttonmania store in Swanston Street, Melbourne.  Nice buttons and nice people!  I'm sure they won't mind me giving them a plug here.

Apparently they are having one of their clearance sales very soon.  If you're into buttons, buckles and notions don't miss it.

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