Monday, October 10, 2011

Baby swaddled..or tortured - I can't make up my mind...

..this is just wrong, wrong, wrong !  And hilarious.  My daughter and I were shopping in a pharmacy in Ballarat on the weekend and did a double-take when walking by this weird sight so I just had to take a photo, hands shaking with laughter hence the slightly fuzzy photo.  We both did the oooooh, scream thing.  It's like something from a horror movie (cue baby voice "let me out, let me out!"). 
The juxtaposition of the sign 'Happy Babies' in the background was not lost on us, either.

 I wonder what the pharmacy staff think of it?

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Vic said...

After your reaction I am ashamed to admit that both my kiddos had something similar in their infancy, but more of a Velcro-secured wrap than a zipped up cocoon!