Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Doc Martin is back again

Okay, okay so I'm a devotee and proud of it.  I'm SUCH a devotee that I even made sure I visited the town of Port Isaac (Port Wenn is the TV name) where Doc Martin is filmed.  And unlike other locations it is almost exactly like you see on the teev.  I loved it, it is one of the most beautiful places we visited on our UK tour in 2008. 
And to prove I was there, here are my photos of the cove, the Doc's surgery and the steep road up to it, Louisa's cottage, the Large family restaurant, etc. etc.  I heartily recommend a visit if you are in that part of the world, you won't be disappointed. 
The locals were really funny though, they were a bit huffy if you mentioned the TV series and rolled their eyes. Seems they were fed up to the back teeth of film crews barging in and disrupting their idyllic life.  I see they were talked into filming this latest series again though (money talks !)

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Miss Prudence said...

oooh I am totally jealous - I would just love a chance to go travelling