Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pandora's (sewing) box

Isn't this divine?  My son Andrew scoured the vintage shops to come up with this beauty, a really thoughtful Christmas present for a sewer, I might add.  Here it is all closed up but with a promise of things to come, a Pandora's box if you will, only with beautiful things inside.

It looks definitely art deco, I'd say, and sooooo practical with it's clever design and easy-to-get-to compartments.  It is perfect for all my sewing threads and now they are mostly colour coordinated (did I hear the word "obsessive"?)  I will try and keep them that way, at least for a while.
Here it is in all its glory..
Opened up half way
Fully opened up - lots of room!

Oh, and here it is as a prop for my first new purse for 2012, a little make up bag using oilcloth fabric from Amy Butler.  Hope you like..

  I love Christmas presents!  Thanks Andy

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