Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Rag Nymph

Against my better judgement I watched...and watched...and watched The Rag Nymph on the teev last night, you know one of those TV adaptations of some bodice-ripping author of some note!  However it did star one of my favourite actresses from Foyle's War, Honeysuckle Weeks, she of the titian curls and enviously boyish figure (oh,the days of my youth). One thing I was struck with though was the fact that she managed to play herself as a child of 10, then miracuously appeared in the second half as her twenty-something self! 
Did they shoot the first half of this mini-series when she was a child then patiently wait 12 or so years to shoot the second half, I mused in a tired stupor on the couch?  It couldn't be anyone else - It Looked So Much Like Her!    The mystery continued to bug me as I floated this as an idea with my not-at-all-interested-spouse.  "Google it tomorrow, I know you will anyway" was his ever so wise rebuff.     Lo and behold, the Google team came to my rescue yet again with the sure and certain knowledge that the younger Honeysuckle Weeks was in fact played by her younger sister Perdita Weeks.  Soo much talent in one family.  It is to these trivial but interesting snippets that I dedicate myself to.  Do you agree they are sooooo much alike??


Anonymous said...

I cannot tell you how much your post helped me! I too came upon this series on Netflix & watched with delight as what I thought was a young Honeysuckle weeks on screen. I made the comment to my husband " oh my goodness, it's the pretty actress from my favorite Foyles war" only to have my jaw drop as she transformed into the young adult I had first ever laid eyes on!! I wondered how in the world did they wait that long for her to catch up to the adult Miss Millie! lo & behold after much searching there was your post to add much relief to the questions swimming in my head....!

So, so silly!

Flash Harry said...

LOL. Yes these things are sent to vex us! Glad I could be of some help.