Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sugarloaf pouches... What the heck is a sugarloaf anyway?

..making some new 'little' pouches for gifts, not my own design but the clever people at U-Handblog designed these cute little 'sugarloaf' pouches, so I bought the pattern and I'm sewing like mad and dying to see how they turn out and whether they will look as good as the pics below.  I know that some people hate working with fiddly things but I confess, Virgo that I am, that I love the small and complicated.  The more challenging, the better! 
I think these will be a winner as they can have a multitude of uses, from makeup to mobiles to iPod storage (who wants a scratched iPod, not me).    I think they will make great Christmas presents.


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Anonymous said...

Hey Deb, I was going to ask when you were wanting Christmas orders and I see you mention it above. Christmas catalogue? Susan xx