Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What-cheeses-me-off Wednesday

Okay, in the absence of any pics of any (finished) bags to show you, I’ve decided to have a what-cheeses-me-off Wednesday.

These are 10 of my current very un-favourite things:

1.       Channel-surfing with my remote night after night on free-to-air TV only to find the same things are on again and they weren’t even that good the first time around.

2.       My daughter and my husband having a really fabulous time in France while I am stuck at my desk, AND reminding me with photos. Thanks

3.       Food writers and food presenters referring to the good old Aussie biscuit as a “cookie” TIME AND TIME AGAIN!  Repeat after me, we are not Americans, we are not Americans!  Once upon a time not so long ago, saying cookie was the preserve of the cookie monster on Sesame Street. Wake up to yourselves please and be proud to keep our Aussie vernacular alive.

4.       The person who ran into my new car and then mentioned he didn’t have comprehensive insurance.  Thanks, I can sure pick ‘em.

5.       Strange people who sit next to me on Melbourne trams. They seem drawn to me somehow. Again, I can sure pick ‘em.

6.       The person who invented the self-clean oven.  I bought one. They don’t self-clean, in fact the self-cleaning bits of the oven need to be cleaned periodically in order to practise their self-cleaning technique.  Irony, anyone? When I find the aforementioned person, I’d like to hit them over the head with their own oven.

7.       The oven griller – even more difficult to clean than the oven.  See suggested solution in 6 above.

8.       Trying to work out ADSL-1 and ADSL-2 broadband  provider for regional areas.  Harder to come to grips with than trying to juggle knives whilst riding a unicycle. Wireless modem, anyone?

9.       Medical and dental receptionists calling you sweetie, darling, dear, pet and being thoroughly condescending when you reach a certain age, as though your brain has suddenly gone into meltdown the moment you turned 49. Remind yourselves to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  You will be 49 one day and then look out - karma will bite you in the bum!

10.   Offshore call centres.  Enough said, you’ve all been bitten!

I'd love to hear your own very un-favourite things.  Have a whinge on what-cheeses-me-off Wednesday!

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