Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What-cheeses-me-off Wednesday

Yes it's hump day again, and appropriately, I'm getting the 'ump:

1. Apparently our office is the last in line to be visited by the lunch van.  I didn't know this and have been resigned to having only 4 things to choose from every day, all crappy. That's because every office on the old lunch van trail before us gets the good stuff.  Not happy, Jan!

2. Socks that after one wash shrink and go all tight around the lower extremeties threatening to cut off your blood circulation.

3. My hairdresser of 23 years who has decided to abandon my hair and seek greener pastures in Queensland, where she intends to grow garlic.  What am I going to do?

4. People who sniff and don't have the wits to use a hanky.

5. People who speak loudly and have loooooong conversations on their mobile phones on trams/trains, making it impossible to read a book and keep your train of thought. We are not fascinated by your banal conversations - get over yourself.

6. People who have had a humour bypass and look at you blankly when you throw them your wittiest joke of the day.

7.  Spiders.  Small, large, black and/or hairy.  Get out of my house!

8. Shops that announce their opening hours and then don't open on time.  A fact you only discover AFTER you have filled the parking meter with coins.

9. People who send you terribly nice emails pointing out that word capitalisation is apparently email-speak for YELLING and even BULLYING.  Apparently no-one has told them that once-upon-a-time capitalisation was used for, um, capitalisation. This meant that you were em-pha-siz-ing something.  Who decided it meant yelling, I'd like to meet them really I would.  Was there a vote? If so, I missed it. 

10. I didn't think I'd get to 10, but hey, piece of cake!

And speaking of cake, my daughter in France sent me a lovely pic of what those lucky Frenchies get to eat.

That's all folks!

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Miss Prudence said...

Oh we so need to have a coffee together! I would like to add women that think leggings are PANTS....Nooooooo! They are NOT pants!